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The Department Offer

There are two main doctorate courses offered by the department, they differ in the way that the department is involved. 

  • Doctorate courses where the administrative headquarters are in the Department of Social and Political Sciences 
  • Doctorate courses where the department participates in the form of partnerships between the University of Pavia and other universities 


Doctorate courses whose administrative headquarters are in the Department of Political and Social Sciences

The Department  has its own Doctorate Course with its administrative head office in the Department: Doctorate in History

This is a very wide-ranging third-level course from both a chronological and a competency point of view. It has lecturers from the department of Humanities but is coordinated by the Department of Political and Social Sciences.   

Every year there are over 150 requests for admission to the Doctorate in History. There are requests for admission from Italian students, European students and non-European students. Some of the curricula activities are held by lecturers from the Department (Modern and Contemporary history, particularly Contemporary History; Constitutional and Administrative History; History of Africa and Asia). There is intense didactic activity in English for all students. In recent years, students have set up a successful Graduate Conference with an open Call.

Coordinator of the Doctorate: Prof. Pierluigi Valsecchi.

Section under construction.

Doctorate courses where the Department participates as an associate

The Department also participates in association with other universities on other Doctorate courses whose headquarters are at other universities. This involves a large number of Department professors who are members of the Teaching Board of the Doctorate courses.

The Department of Political and Social sciences participates in the PhD. in Computational Mathematics and Decision Sciences.

This Doctorate course started in October 2018 thanks to the support of the Department of Mathematics of the University of Pavia, under the patronage of the “Departments of Excellence” and with the contribution of the ICS (Institute of Computational Science) at the Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI)

The Department collaborates in the management and the organisation of the Doctorate course with the help of the Director, Prof.ssa Silvia Figini, who is the vice-coordinator of the Doctorate course. Thanks to this collaboration, twelve scholarships for the three-year course have been assigned in collaboration with prestigious scientific organisations (IRCCS Mondino), companies  (Generali, Datev, RES, Widech, Sea Vision etc) and institutions (PoliS-Lombardia).

In addition, the ICAM - International Centre of Advanced Computing for Medicine -  connected to the PhD in Computational Mathematics and Decision Sciences, has been set up. This involves the Department of Political and Social sciences together with the Physics Department (administrative headquarters), Mathematics, Molecular Medicine, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Industrial and Information Engineering, sciences of Clinical Surgery, Diagnostics and Pediatrics, and Science of the Nervous System and Behaviour.  

Vice-Coordinator of the Doctorate: Prof.ssa Silvia Figini.


ESLS has projects which are part of the Doctorates in Labour Studies (University of Milan) and Economic Sociology (University of Brescia); the Teaching Board has academics who come from the universities of Turin, Milan-Bicocca and Pavia.

The Mission of the programme is to transfer a solid thematic-disciplinary focus (in sociology, labour law, Management, organisational behaviour and labour psychology), as well as the ability to understand and to give fundamental attention to socio economic processes; focusing particularly on organisations and the work point of view.

The course is held by  NASP (Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies), in collaboration with our Department and the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Milan. The aim of the course is to train highly qualified professionals able to take part in and design research projects in the academic-institutional field, in research centres, in public and private organisations and think tanks. 

Doctorate Research students in Political Sciences are often employed within national and European institutions and as managers in public administration as well as data and political analysts in the Italian and international private sector.