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Who are we ?

The Department of Political and Social Sciences, which was previously known as the Faculty of Political Sciences, was founded in 1926. It is a multidisciplinary scientific community where one can find areas of study connected to political science, political philosophy, economics, statistical sciences, a wide and complete range of historical sciences as well as studies in International relations, juridical sciences, sociology, institutional and market communication science.

Members of the teaching staff carry out research in all these fields and very often they involve students in their projects. This gives students the immediate opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during their degree courses.

The Department also has an extensive network of partnerships with other international institutions, which enables lecturers to set up exchange projects for themselves, to offer Erasmus projects for students, and provide the opportunity to take part in important international research projects.

Being part of the scientific community of the Department of Political and Social Sciences has always meant, and still means studying the world in which we live in an analytical way with a scientific method, in order to offer society food for thought and new knowledge.



Vivi il Dipartimento

Il ritratto del Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali attraverso le voci dei membri di Giunta e dei suoi studenti. Dalla Didattica alla Ricerca, dalla Comunicazione alle opportunità per gli studenti internazionali, scopri un ecosistema in continua evoluzione, che punta al futuro e alle opportunità che esso riserva.