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Teaching Office

For information and help for enrolling  Corsi di Studio Infomatricole / Informatriculation Study Courses:

For information and submitting documentation for students who are already enrolled: 

Segreterie studenti delle Facoltà Umanistiche
Via S. Agostino, 1 – Pavia
Tel. + 39 0382 98 98 98
Fax 0382 25133

FILO DIRETTO con la segreteria studenti


  • Daniela Scovenna
    Organisation of teaching, Quality Assurance groups [SP&RI, SERI, SAA, GPP, CIM, CoD], Teachers' and contract teachers' programmes/registers, Educational seminars (resolutions and calls for tenders), Teaching councils for Communication and Global History of Civilizations and Territories, Degree courses in Communication, Preparation of resolutions for Department Councils.

Tel. +390382984538 

  • Elena Laurenti
    Resolutions in cases involving students (all degree courses), Admission to both first cycle and master's degree programmes, students with part-time enrollment, Student mobility for Political Science Degree courses (Erasmus) and communication (with the support of Prof. Ghia), Internationalisation (double degree), WPIR Quality Assurance Group.

Tel. +39 0382 986913

  • Alessandra Bianchi
    Internships, Tutoring, Assistant to the Joint Commission

Phone +39 0382 984809


  • Claudia Parimbelli
    Timetables, Classrooms, Management of exams, Degrees in Political Sciences.

Tel. +390382984357

Administrative Technical Personnel
Here all the contacts of all the offices of the Department